Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 7 October 2011

A day trip to somewhere

road closed sign

clay track to Ernie's Place
We left home,travelled past Wanganui ,through Waverly, and turned inland.The tarseal ended, the metal began, the sign said "NARROW ROAD" then      
this was the sign when we arrived at the end of the proper road.
After this it is a clay track that has restricted access during the winter months.
We went there just a few weeks too soon.( Did not let Hugh hear my HUGE  sigh of relief as I am a calm seas,tar sealed  road,no"FASTEN YOUR  SEAT BELT" sign when flying, kind of girl).  A much bigger, very silent sigh, as we do not have a motorbike.Those days of Hugh's two wheeled mode of transport have been  left well behind.The letter box is inset into the bank, and
there was another one just to the left of the sign.
letter box at the end of the road

.The altimeter  stopped at 500 metres, and the air was noticeably cooler.A sad looking trailer, tyres sunken into the ground, sat waiting with the dog’s chain attached, waiting for ??Patterns in the rock seemed to have been imprinted there forever, and just above this, a piece of wood looked like a duck? a penguin? just perched there on the end
.looks like a duck  on a rock               little trailer with dog chain     altitude at end of the road
The track is very narrow, and drivers are advised in the 4WD book “ do not travel down here after rain, it can be lethal in the real wet
And then ,not what any intrepid man wants to read a notification in the 4WD Book…
“ Do not drive  here after heavy summer rain” Never mind, we will visit again to this untouched wilderness area.deer waiting on  the hill
on the way home the herd of deer waited on the brow of the hill,
maybe they heard the quad coming down the road and thought they might get an extra feed .
they raced up over the hill, then turned around just as fast, and stood in the line, all  ears listening for anything to alert them to strangers, tractors, or danger.
Their second sense told them they were quite  safe as I was on the other side of the fence.Ditto feeling for me.

Quotation of the day, anonymous, from an elderly lady
“I can sit down all day and look at work and not even worry about it anymore”
Cheers from Jean

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