Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More of Yesterday's Adventures

Sign not to be missed      Ford is OKmade it to the other side
Hugh and I  were on the way home after a trip through the
Kaweka Forest Park. The notice was one of those “Not to be ignored” ones,
large, bold, and right there. The red zone was marked on a pole at the side
but most of the paint had already worn away. A  first trip across, to leave me on the homeward side,
and back the man went. He seemed  a tad  disappointed  when I showed him the photos,
he was hoping for a huge bow wave. The team leader of the CHBC students was hoping the
rain that was  coming  would not make this ford impassable on their return to the starting place.
Guess each of us is hoping  for something, that will happen or will not, to make life more exciting, or safer, or just  quiet and peaceful.
That would do me.                                                                                             
are you triplets
                                              The three lambs were obliging and oblivious to approaching rain. Are they triplets, as in a nearby  paddock  were sets of twins and more, all with the ewes.
The closer we came to Palmerston North, the blacker the sky, the heavier the  rain, and the harder to get a photo without blurring. I tried to hold the camera out the window, but it was way too wet even for that.Just as we drove past the man with a “GO” sign, he waved and gave me a big smile.
No chance of asking for his permission to publish his photo, so all apologies,and many thanks to him and the men who keep us safe when roadworks are under way.
Windfarm in the darkening sky       Is this where I get out and walk   GO, yes we willCats in one of Kaffe Fasset's books

Here are the “CAT TRIO”,  from  the book” Kaffe Fasset’s Quilt Road”
They  appeal so much, the scraps are sorted,  the pattern traced.
Another project to go onto the TO DO LATER list. Sssh, don ‘t tell Hugh.
He says I have big problems attempting to finish the started projects,
far less finish any new ones.No harm in dreaming.

Quotation of the day from Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1874-1942
Authoress of well known Anne of Green Gables and
so many other publications.
“ Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star”

Cheers from Jean

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ButtonMad said...

Gosh you certainly are intrepid travellers! Love the cats...