Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Book, a binding and a blunder

I  have realised that my general knowledge of other countries is  rather inadequate. Really, almost non-existent for some places. So a trip to the local library, and what better place to start than at the top of the world, so to speak, and at '” LETTER A”, yes I found a  wonderful book titled, “ Insight Guides   ALASKA” .The information is superb, photos likewise, many details of where to go, what to take, and how to travel.Take note, if you go in winter, there are many necessities.The book gives details of what is carried, by law, on all planes, food for each person for 2 weeks, an axe, first aid kit, knife, matches, mosquito head nets, gill net,fishing tackle, pistol or rifle and ammo, Sleeping bag, snowshoes and blankets are added for winter. Also every plane  in Alaska is required  to have an Emergency Location Transmitter or ELT, similar to our PLB here in NZ, And if you are  a passenger, you have to learn how to activate the device before you take off.If you travel by a vehicle, you need the following, down coat,boots,mittens, snow pants,sleeping bag, flares,candles,extra spark plugs, shovel, chain, flashlight and high-energy food.  Rain proof jackets and padded boots seem to be essential in most areas .Add in snow tyres, an operating engine heater, and a long electric cord.And I have not  read all the pages yet. Gayle , who is at  http://twopluseight.blogspot.com    , I have a much greater respect and admiration for you and all your family, living at Fairbanks.When I watch the programme " Ice Road Truckers" who travel the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks, going as far as Prudhoe Bay, I am sure those hardy drivers have nerves of steel, many years of driving in severe conditions before they start driving there.  In Barrow, where the winter is long and dark, the polar night starts on November 18th, and finishes on January 24th.The record snowfall for one season  is 974.5 inches ( 24.75 m) (Edited and corrected from the measly 2.47 metres previously, and a huge error!!) near Valdez.The highest one day record is a massive 62 inches, (1.6m) also at Thompson Pass. This book is one that will continue to fascinate me, from start to end.
Alaska Book
The Stitchbird wall-hanging was going well, almost too well, the first bird was ironed on, the feet and wing stayed where they should, and it looked good. So the second bird was next in line, it did not want to sit properly, so I thought, why not iron it when it was still on the baking paper, then peel off and put on the fabric.  So far, so good, Peel Off??? That was a laugh, it was not baking paper and the poor bird stuck to what I think must be plain tracing paper. So I will have to do that one again. The scissors sit very safely in the SMIGGLES pencil case, I did a swap with Josh, he wanted a plain zip case, and this was perfect for protecting my Mundial scissor set.Win,win all round.
Steam-a-seam and scissorsstitchbird partly done
Now after I do the last bird, decisions about the edge fabric? The pattern suggested black, but it is very stark against the green, do I do the blue/black mottled that I used for the heads, a blue, or the right hand side patterned darker one with more colours?? In-between this, I managed to edit 5 of Hugh’s GoPro videos ready to go onto a DVD, very time consuming, even our friendly man at Bruce Watt Photography said it would take a VERY long time. 5 down, about 12 more to do.

Quotation of the day, from Robert Louis Stevenson
“ We are all  travellers in the wilderness of this world,
 and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend”
Cheers from Jean


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi jean that bird is looking great.I too have been playing with the dreaded peel and stick today. Been helping a friend make a Christmas wall hanging.
Interesting stuff about Alaska. Some of our friends have recently been there. They loved it.

Michaele said...

Very interesting about traveling in Alaska. Like none other really. The bird is beautiful! i love the white contrast on him. Good luck with the editing : )

Janet said...

Hi Jean, love your bird! This will be wonderful when you have it done. I have to laugh at all the preparations for travel in Alaska. I used to fly regularly for work to a northern town and I was often one of the few on the plane who even had proper winter clothing on. But it is true, if one was stranded, one might survive a winter gale with the proper equipment.

Nancy J said...

Yes,the bird is looking OK,after one small mishap, and as for the travel, when Hugh goes for a day or overnight tramp or hunt, he always takes a PLB, survival blanket, extra food, and this is in NZ, I can see how it might well save a life if stranded in the wintertime in the Far North.People who ignore preparations, weather warnings,or basic safety rules often end up costing the SAR much time and expense here. Cheers from Jean.

Nancy J said...

One more BLUNDER , somehow the decimal point was in the wrong place when I wrote about the most snowfall in one season, it is 24.75 metres, not the 2.47 metres, and only myself to blame. Hope I did not offend anyone with the measly 2.47 metres.Even a spell check would not find that as an error. Cheers from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

:-) Yes I thoug what 24 m??? Shit happens!!
Nice pattern you do with the birds, really nice!

Gayle said...

That is made out of fabric??? It is beautiful.

Yes, I always seem to travel unprepared. After 44 years you just don't think much of jumping in the truck at -40* F and running to the store. I'd be in a world of hurt if I ever broke down. Heck, I don't even own snow pants!! :) Our weather is horrid. It is more like Sept. than July. So cold and rainy when this should be our hottest month. It has me worried about what the winter might bring. Caring for animals in the cold is a lot of hard work and stressful. (The chickens have a furnace, but it could go out in the night). Such a lousy summer this has been....

I'm like you... I know so little about the world I live in. I'm going to have to follow you lead (but don't believe everything you read... the person who wrote that probably hasn't even been here! LOL).