Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 9 July 2012

My Eyes Need Matchsticks

wimbledon logoRafael Nadal laugh

Wimbledon Tennis has been on our TV, but it starts at MIDNIGHT. yes, I could record it all, but where do I find 6 hours during the day to see it, so my day has been starting at midnight with the opening matches.Rafael Nadal( my favourite player) was not in  the semis or the final this year, Andy Murray gave England high hopes, and Roger Federer seemed as calm as ever.Andy  spoke some very emotional words, after Roger won the Men’s Singles Final.The rain fell down, and made quite a noise on the roof, but from the commentary it sounded as though the officials were very relieved the gutters and downpipes worked as they should.Cameras clicked,  crowds cheered, Roger’s twin girls waved and clapped, and the men left the Centre Court to loud applause.On Henman Hill, the  fans, about 3,500 of them, huddled under their huge umbrellas as they watched the match on the huge outdoor screen. Committed to the sport, in true blue British  grit and determination, they stayed,sat down, stood up, cheered, yelled,put the umbrellas away, and at the end, I’m sure, all hoped that  Andy Murray will be here again in the finals.Photos courtesy of the Internet
These are patterns of New Zealand Native birds, the first one is the Stitchbird, or Hihi, a small  honeyeater- like bird, with a yellow band across the chest between the black head and grey body. The primary school I went to was “ Te Hihi School” and today looks very much the same as it did in 1945. Some additions, a larger swimming pool and a huge hall make sure it caters for the extra pupils.This is one pattern I so want to do, in a series of NZ native birds. The second photo is of the Morepork  New  Zealand’s only surviving native owl. Ruru is the Maori name for this bird, its haunting call at dusk reflects this name.It is speckled dark brown, and has yellow eyes, sleeping during the day in roosts, and at night hunts for food.I can see that my stash of batiks will be used to their full advantage in these lovely patterns.
stitchbird photo
Two little Ruru

Quotation of the day, from Carl Sandburg
“Time is the coin of life. Only you can determine how it will be spent”
Cheers from Jean


Susan Heather said...

love the native bird patterns. When we were still in the north (near Lake Ngatu) I went out one day and found a young morepork sitting on the handles of our upturned wheelbarrow. The only time I have seen one.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great bird pattern. How long does it take to do them?

Nancy J said...

Lindsjo, probably a long time, but I will take the hours and add them up at the end. I might start the Stitchbird one this week, I like it the best. Cheers from Jean.

Kathy said...

I also love the bird pattern. Your profile said you are 71 hard tyo believe you look so much younger. I would love to travel one day:-)

Nancy J said...

Kathy, I need to update my photo!!! That was taken in 2009, so definitely a lot younger.Yes, I have a huge dream of world travel, and meeting all my wonderful blog friends.Do you travel very far?? Cheers from Jean

KB said...

Those batiks are absolutely gorgeous!