Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Colours in flowers and fabrics

This garden is struggling in wintertime, the  plants are slow to flower, there is not much sun in this part, but the pansies show their glorious colours.
Mauve pansyPansy with leaves
The batiks are selected for the Stitchbird pattern, one of four in a series of New Zealand Native Birds.
Choice of Batiks
The fronds are cut and placed on the background fabric , and  when ironed will sit better, The birds are not ironed, and are on baking paper for easy removal after I  iron them. This promises to be quite stunning, and the other birds are equally showy with their colours as well.
Start of the StitchbirdStitchbirds on paper
Poppy by the fire on 3rd June, her leg is still raw but healing well.Previous photos not suitable for viewing, even  friends  thought the wound was a lot worse than what we had explained.This is four weeks after she degloved her leg, we still cannot find out how and where she did it.
On her new bed
Today she is so much better, and allowed outside again, but shut inside at night. Again, so many thanks to all the team at SRVS,( Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services)  Rick,Dave,Lynn, Becky,June, Di , and the rest of the support  staff.I know how skilful, caring, and compassionate they are,and  in other years they  have shared in our sorrow when we  said goodbye to Toto ,and to  Finn. Poppy's bed is black velvet sort of fabric, with a soft cushion insert. The top is a tapestry cushion cover I  made  so many years ago.
Poppy on her new bed
Quotation of the day, from an  unknown author,
a comment on a Sharon Creech book review
“ Magic is found in the most ordinary acts of  kindness”
Cheers from  Jean


FlowerLady said...

Love your pansies.

Your bird creations are going to be stunning and I look forward to seeing them all.

Poor Poppy. I'm glad she is healing. I've never heard of 'degloving' before and that sounds rather scary.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Nancy J said...

Hi Lorraine, I have started the first bird, Degloving is when the skin and fur is stripped off, not nice. Guess it is fairly warm, well, quite hot with you today. Cheers from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job you do. Hope Poppy is getting better. Cats are strong.

KB said...

I'm so glad that Poppy is getting better. She is obviously pampered, in a wonderful way.

Barb said...

Nancy, I am in love with NZ, though I only visited for a month about 10 years ago! My friends have gone the past couple years for 3 months staying on the S Island. You have an extremely beautiful country. Your winter pansies are adding a bit of color to the garden.