Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Nature and New-borns

K, Forever
This is the tribute on many blogs  for KB, and her beloved   dog K,    and those of you who read my blog will see that http://romp-roll-rockies.blogspot.com is one of the many blogs on my list. KB has shared with us her journey with K,, who had remarkable strength, courage and a huge heart full of love,  after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front leg. On  15th July, K left this world, and her spirit will be with so many forever. Today I looked out from our back lawn, and there were 2 little lambs, one born this morning. I talked with Patrick, we shared the grief we feel when a loved animal is gone, he mourned the loss of his much loved dog, and I talked of Toto and Finn. We rejoiced in the wonders of nature and the joy of a new-born lamb.This is the dude responsible for the little ones, and more will arrive over the next week or so.He has some Texel, so his fleece falls off rather than being shorn.
The responsible dude
This little one was born this morning, and maybe she is getting some heat reflected off the tin.I tried to go closer, but Mama stamped her foot very firmly, saying to me “ DO NOT come any further” so I walked on to the fence.
Born this morningYou are not my mother
This girl is blind in one eye, but so gentle and friendly. There are high hopes her lamb, or better still lambs might have her lovely brown colours too.
If only I could get through
This lamb is a week old, her fleece so white, and she skipped along over the grass, then waited at the gate, maybe hoping I would let  her through to the next paddock.Sorry, you need to stay where you are.I left my fleece jacket on the fence, but 10 minutes later the sun disappeared, and I was glad to put it on again.
See how white my fleece isWill you open the gate
A Chinese Lantern or Abutilon, the shades of a Day   Lily , and the mauve/pink s  colour of a Rhododendron.Colours of nature to brighten the days.
chinese LanternDeeper toned day lilyPink shades
Like K, with her courage, we all need to look for the beauty in nature, the glow of a sunset, the glory of a rainbow, and to “ Seize the Day”
Walter in Cornwall Park
My dear friend Walter studied the Classics, and among his favourites were Shakespeare, Matthew Arnold and  Lord  Alfred Tennyson.He could  and   would quote word for word perfectly, so many years after his studying days were finished at Victoria University. He told me of  climbing to the top of Mt Victoria in Wellington and reciting the  words over and over, till he knew them by heart. He  had great courage ,  in the face of  adversity, and in WW2, and later on when facing  the many times in hospital.His plans to write a book telling of his days in HMS, through the ranks  from  Ordinary Seaman, Acting Sub Lieutenant, to senior officer of the 51st ML Flotilla, Lieutenant  Walter Charles Drake, DSC, RNZNVR, were thwarted by ill health and diminishing eyesight from Macular degeneration.His spirit remained strong, and todays quotation is  dedicated to  Wally, to KB,   and my many blog friends who write words of  encouragement , and inspiration from their daily lives. The words below will be engraved on  a permanent installation  in the centre of the Olympic Village in London, to inspire the athletes taking part in the  London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and for future generations to read.
Quotation of the day from  Lord Alfred Tennyson , an excerpt from “ Ulysses”
“ To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”
Greetings from Jean


Gayle said...

The lamb is absolutely adorable. I like the quote they are using for the Olympics. Wish our tv channels worked...I doubt we'll see any of it.

Nancy J said...

Yes, cannot believe I didn't see the first one until today. The newest one, I wandered closer, but the ewe stamped her foot, and was obviously on the defensive so I left her alone.I must say, the older one looks a loty prettier, and so much whiter!!Yes, I didn't know the quote would be used in London until today, all we have heard about is the security problem, big, well HUGE, and the traffic upheaval, two lanes merge into one, and neither or the last is for the public, huge fine if you go onto the wrong one. I am so glad I am not there.Are you moving into autumn? I see your night temps are low, even by our standards.Do you ever look up places in Google Earth? I found you, saw the quad and the trailer by the fence. and the big pool. looks so cool from the air. I see our place too, but only to the front gate.Cheers from Jean, 9.17 p.m. and 3 Celsius outside.

FlowerLady said...

Oh how precious those new little lambs are.

Your flowers are oh so lovely too.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Lindsjö taxar said...

How qute isn´t that lamb??? Yes they will protect their little ones. :-) therefor I have to sneek carefully on the moose with her 2 calves.
Great tribute you did to K...

Nancy J said...

Maybe I should explain, the lambs are in a farm one paddock along from our place, and I am hoping to see more this morning. Cows can get very fierce when they have a calf, and for safety you do not get between cow and calf.Colder this morning, 1 Celsius here, so I hope they stayed warm last night. Flowers are from last summer. Cheers, Jean

KB said...

Thank you for your heart-felt words. I've been so grateful for your friendship through the past months.

I love the symbolism of the newly born lambs on the day that K left this earth.

The circle of life...

Nancy J said...

KB, K will always live in our hearts, and through your words and photos, we have shared so much.Grief does not go quickly, and sorrow shared maybe helps your loss.I am thankful my words have helped. New born lambs seem to be the sign of spring, but we are still in winter here.Greetings from Jean