Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Twins and Winter Colours

This gentle girl came up so close she was almost in the camera lens. She waited patiently, until I could walk away. Yesterday was wet, a cold southerly wind blew, and the sun stayed behind the clouds all day, and through this dullness  one brave ewe gave birth to twins.
Black face close by
Here they are, this afternoon, still very small, but they have walked the length of the paddock. I did not go too close, she was very protective and moved between me and her babies each time I tried to get a closer shot.
The twins 1The twins 2
Our Rhododendron shrubs have these glorious shades,  they surely brighten up a dull winter day
Rhodendron gloryAnother shade
The Protea Nerifolia has magnificent , fragrant, silvery pink, black tipped flowers.
Protea  nerifolia
Quotation of the day, author unknown
“ From a seed of friendship, you will  reap a bouquet of flowers”
Cheers from Jean


Lindsjö taxar said...

How qute the lambs are. Lovely picture of the last flower. We will have a warm week here now. HOpe it will stay now. Have next week to work and then 4 weeks holiday

Nancy J said...

Yes, the protea has only a few flowers now, but they are lovely.Maybe more lambs tomorrow, another 9 ewes to go. Where will you go for a holiday? Cheers, Jean

FlowerLady said...

Those lambs are so sweet and your rhodies beautiful as is the last flower. Really unusual and I love the black tips.

Your part of the world is so lovely.

I hope to get outside to do some laundry today and to mow, as there is no rain in the forecast. We'll see.

Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

Julie Fukuda said...

Lovely little lambs and flowers too. I wouldn't have expected winter to produce those blooms.

Cottage Tails said...

ahhh must be first lambs of the season I've seen.
I love new lambs!
Rain down here but not cold.
Love Leanne

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Love the twin lambs! Your photos of the flowers are gorgeous. Nice post!

Nancy J said...

Yes, twins, Patrick is hoping for more double births!! Wet here today, so no flower pics, I am so thrilled with my camera and trying to use more of its features each week . Off to lunch with Hugh for my birthday, too many years to put the number here. Cheers, Jean.

June said...

It's cold and wet here today too Jean, great how you have found something bright to cheer up the day! Is the little blueish flower a periwinkle, a sort of climber, we used to have them up the bank near our house in Roseneath and I always planned to put them in a quilt.

Nancy J said...

Yes June, it is periwinkle, and the little plants were hiding in the shade under gorse bushes. Wet and colder here today, had to don extra hat and heavy raincoat for the lambs pics. Cheers, Jean.