Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Earth Shook

Yes, last night we had an earthquake off the coast of Wanganui. It was 7.0,  230 km deep, but was widely felt over the North Island, and in the South Island.We woke up to a loud rumble, coming from the West, and a lot of shaking. The reports tell of no major damage, and this makes me realise  in a small way how everyone in Christchurch must feel so  vulnerable, as with each shake do they think an other big one is coming. Out at sea the  crew working on the Maui Oil rig felt sea movement. The rig is built for this, and  has an evacuation plan in place, our weather man Tamati Coffey talked about this earlier this morning  on TVNZ Breakfast.
Last night’s quake was felt, at the star in the middle of the map, out at   sea.
Quotation of the day  author unknown
“ We are mere mortals, walking on the crust of the Earth”
Cheers from Jean


Susan Heather said...

I heard about it on the news but didn't feel it up here. Glad no damage.

Nancy J said...

Yes Susan, very glad no damage, I think one ceiling cracked in Wanganui, there may be more in later news. Rain here and a very dull day. Cheers from Jean.

Janet said...

Earthquakes are a wonder. Sometimes there are huge ones that cause no damage and other times smaller ones cause lots of damage. I suppose it depends on density of population as much as anything. We haven't had an earthquake that we've felt here for ten years or more, and even then it was just a little shaking. Glad yours caused little damage.

Kicki said...

I´ll say the same, glad no damage.
Thank´s for your comment on my blog. I have a Nikon 7000. Greetings from Kristina.

Julie Fukuda said...

We had a big shake in Tokyo yesterday around mid-day. The dog was at my feet in a second. Lots of rattling but no damage. I'm glad you are OK!

Nancy J said...

Thanks for all your kind thoughts, yes we are so lucky, but even so it was scary enough.some people crawled under tables, desks, stood in doorways, ( Not us)cats leapt off the bed or stood with tail bristling. ( Yes, our cats)They knew something had happened.No more aftershocks today so far. Cheers from Jean