Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Firewood for the Winter

 This post is for Gayle, at Fairbanks, Alaska, and for their  family, they surely need a machine like this. Dream on Gayle, dreams do come true , but sometimes it takes a little longer., this is " Simply The Best !!"You can visit  Gayle  at

The wood splitter is petrol driven, can be towed, by vehicle, tractor or quad, Hugh fitted a jockey wheel to the front towbar, and it is a lot easier to put on ground that is not level.It has a pull cord start, too much for me,but it does an absolutely wonderful job!!!
Each year we seem to chop down, chainsaw into rounds, split, and  stack to dry, more and more wood,   and each year in the wintertime I am so thankful for the days of work we did in the summer.
Quotation of the day  from John Steinbeck
" What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness"
Cheers from Jean


FlowerLady said...

I think Gayle needs one of these too. It would be a blessing and time saver for them all. Living in FL, we don't have to worry about heating all that much.


Nancy J said...

Yes Lorraine, would be such a bonus for Gayle.Bring on the magic fairy !!!I looked at your temps for today, very warm indeed. 30C,high, 25C low, so hot compared with our summer here. Cheers form Jean

Susan Heather said...

That looks a wonderful machine. When we moved here we had trouble getting dry firewood and M. found it hard to split so we bought a Masport electric log splitter.

I am so glad we did - it sits in the garage and, with the car outside while I use it, I am able to get wood split as I need it.

Right now I have to find a new source as the gentleman I was buying firewood from died suddenly and I am getting through the supply for the log burner very fast. Have the wood I was given for the pot belly stove.

Much colder this year I am sure. Drier though I see last month was the driest since records began in 71.

Michaele said...

Wonderful! I used to split my own wood with one of these too. Nifty!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Its not growing wild. They make oil out of it.
We have since 5 years installed geothermal warming (think its called like that)Much cheaper than oil and the work with wood. Its a good investment.

KB said...

My husband adores hand-splitting wood but our neighbor sometimes loans us his splitter. What a luxury!

Your fire looks wonderful!

Gayle said...

I definitely need one like you have. I do have a splitter, but it is a small electric one and is pretty slow. Isn't that the sad part? My son doesn't even have to swing an axe to help me!

Nancy J said...

Yes, years ago Hugh did the big blocks all by hand and I did the kindling,but this is really what we need now,( in our advanced years), and he even does the kindling on it,you just have to be very careful not to get your hand jammed.And yes, I think although a necessity at our age, maybe a small luxury that I so appreciate when I look at the dry wood all waiting.Here in NZ you can hire them,daily or for longer .Cheers from Jean