Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 2 July 2012

Inland Travel Part One

Today was a day out to take photos. We travelled North, to Taihape, then inland North-easterly,  to Kuripapango, on the Taihape-Napier road. There were patches of frost on the road,  The last time we  drove on this road was in 2002, with our Japanese host daughter Mayumi. The houses are spread a long way apart, and for her, this was something she had not seen before, and much of the road was gravel.I have had some fun trying different settings with my camera, and the telephoto lens was put to good use.Here is some farmland, the wind was bitterly cold, and below a large patch  of snow from a few days ago was still at the bottom of the paddock. The sheep were quite unconcerned as I walked through long grass to the fence.
Farmland in the Central PlateauMt Ruapehu

Snow from a few days ago

Sheep gazing

A little further along, the Rangitikei River was far below. A huge valley, with barren hills, not much grass at all here, and the sky was dull .
Across the valleyFurther to the East
The fence line
Rangitikei River far below
We drove on, and in the Kaweka Forest Park is a large area, with camping spots and a track to the same river that runs under the bridge. Clean, clear, almost  blue in colour. Freezing cold!!!
Track to the riverRangitikei River
There were snow showers at the top of the range, and still very cold with a wind chill that forced me to don another hat, under a double layer coat that had its own hood,  and tramping boots for extra warmth.The sheep seem to manage very well, thankfully lambing is not for some time.
Snowing at the topWe did see some snow
Mt Ruapehu looked as though it had shining cake icing, the snow glistened,  in the weak late afternoon sun.  Nearer to home, snow dusted the top of the Ruahine Range, this is where Hugh takes his quad for exciting day trips.
Mt Ruapehu closer
Ruahine Range by Telephoto lens

Tomorrow Part Two will continue with more from today,  the Rangitikei River Bridge No 75 has a great story to tell.
Quotation of the day,from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Over all the mountain tops is peace”
Cheers from Jean


Susan Heather said...

A wonderful part of the country (but then the whole country is wonderful!)

Thanks for the photos. No wonder the little rain we got on our Monday Walk felt like ice.

Nancy J said...

Yes Susan. I froze when I was out taking photos, the sheep just stood there so warm in their thick coats.I hear there are still huge frosts in the far south, hanging off all the trees, I am waiting for some photos, but no safe place to stop the car or turn into a driveway.The daily challenge of driving to work, so glad I am older, it does have that great advantage!!! Cheers from Jean.